Why should we print? Well this little girl says it all.

In a world wear technology changes faster than the news about the Kardashian’s it is important make sure we print hard copies for your children as all it can take is one botched power outage, a spilled drink or numerous other examples to have a hard drive crash or a lost flash drive.  Watch this and you will understand the importance of printing your photos and why posting on Social Media just won’t cut it!

What can Rhonda Dent Photography provide for you?

  1. Custom framed – 16×24 enlargement prints on gorgeous fine-art quality Hahnemuhle paper made from 90% Bamboo fibers and 10% cotton. 
  2. Custom designed – 11 x 8 fine art albums created for your family to cherish for years to come. Printed on thick pages
  3. Custom Enlargements – 8×12, 11×14 custom printed prints on Luster photographic paper.